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Time to lose weight? Time to get toned and slim? Want a healthy, cleaned and fresh body? **Our premium L-Carnitine is a perfect supplement for you.** See images above. **Our L-Carnitine is a great weight loss fat burning product. It is developed to transport your fat to the mitochondria of the cells where it is burned as fuel. L-Carnitine converts fat into energy. It helps to keep blood sugar low, and supports good health during dieting and weight management phases. There are no known harmful side effects from taking this natural supplement. It’s easy-to-swallow caps with a recommended dosage 3 per day – take 1 at a time with food.** Included is a complimentary weight loss eBook guide, and access to our exclusive Weight Loss & Fat Burning Concierge program where you can ask certified professional trainers and nutritionists your questions regarding weight loss, diet and exercise. Made in the USA in a GMP certified facility.** ##100% MONEY-BACK LIFETIME GUARANTEE no questions asked! Try without risk! Try a 60 day supply (2 Btls) for the most effective results. Order yours today!##

Product Features

  • EXCELLENT supplement for natural weight management and weight control. It transports fat to the mitochondria of the cells where the fat is burned as fuel. It is good for blood glucose control, and helps to burn belly fat.
  • OUR L-Carnitine Tartrate IS BETTER for weight loss than Acetyl L Carnitine which mostly produces acetycholine. Get Tone And Slim – Choose Our L-Carnitine!
  • INCREASES stamina and recovery. Ultimate supplement during diets, detox and fat loss programs. Works well and creates synergic effects with Fat Burners, Diet Pills, CLA and other weight loss products.
  • EXECUTED and produced in the USA in a GMP certified lab guarantees optimal quality products and highest purity.
  • COMES with a WEIGHT LOSS eBook & access to exclusive Weight Loss & Fat Burning Concierge program! 100% Customer Satisfaction and Money Back Lifetime Guarantee.

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