I Have a New Government Job

We got here in the middle of the night, expecting that at seven in the morning the manager of the apartment complex would meet us there and give us the key to our new place. I have a new job and I had to find apartments in Jackson Mississippi. Obviously we were tired after driving through the night. The moving van got there just before the sun rose and I asked the movers if they had eaten yet, because one of us was going to go get biscuits. At any rate we end up having to look for a new apartment. I got back with the biscuits and we were sitting on the hood of the car eating when the building manager told us that they had not been able to get rid of the previous tenant. In fact I knew that this can be a problem. You would think that if you do not pay your rent or even if your lease simply ends, then the landlord can simply throw you out any time that he likes. However this is a nation of laws, and a lot of the time the laws are better for those in the wrong than those in the right.

In this case the guy that was in the place had nothing to lose. He had no place to go and no money to get there. He had lost his job and his girlfriend apparently. So he was stretching it out, which you can do. Apparently the manager said that he was subletting the place out to someone else, without telling the other person that he was going to get thrown out of the place eventually. The bottom line is that the landlord had told us that they would have the place ready for us, but in fact they had not even gotten started. I had to tell them I might have to sue them over it.

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