An Apartment That My Son Picked out

I wanted my son to be happy with where ever we ended up living, so I told him I wanted him to be a major part of the decision process. He was 15 at the time, and I knew that he would be spending more time at whichever complex we moved into than I would. I was working a lot of overtime then, and all he had was school five days a week. That also factored into which apartments for rent in Edina that we looked at. We both knew that he did not want to change school districts, and I can’t say that I blame him for that.

We looked at all the ones in the school district that he has been in for the last four years, and there was an impressive amount. It seemed he knew people at each one too, so that helped knowing he would already have friends at the apartment we would end up choosing. He looked at all of them and told me that he liked Cedars of Edina the best. I wanted to make sure that he had good reasons for it, so I asked him to explain why that is the one that got his top vote.

He told me about the different community features that they have. There is a heated swimming pool outside, and there is another one inside too. There is a sauna as well as hot tubs both indoors and outdoors. There is a fitness center along with a separate weight center. There are walking trails, and it is close to a lot of things that we both like. I could tell he was really excited not only with the features outside but with the apartment that he wanted us to get too. This really is a nice place!

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