My Posture Caused Numbness in My Arms and Hands

I told my grandmother that I would sand the old glossy paint on her closed-in porch and prime and paint it for her. The ceilings are a little over nine feet high. I used a sanding block attached to an extension pole and sanded for a couple of days. I stopped doing this kind of work for a living due to back problems and nerve damage. After sanding for a couple of days I had to go see my chiropractor in San Jose as my arms and hands would go numb. My upper back hurt really bad, but kind of eased up if I hunched forward. However, when I did that, I would get this feeling in my arms and hands like you get if you sleep on your arm all night. It would go instantly numb and start tingling bad. It was a numbness that actually hurt. Continue reading “My Posture Caused Numbness in My Arms and Hands”

I Have Been in the Sierras

I have been having a really good time, although I am ready to go back to work now. We spent about two weeks hiking in the mountains and doing all sorts of fun things. I do think that I am going to need to go see a Sacramento chiropractor now that I am back in the modern world. It is a long way from there to here, and in the mean time I have really wrecked my back so that I can not hardly get out of the bed in the morning. Of course it is not really from sleeping on the ground. We had a huge air mattress that we would put in the bottom of the tent and then we lay on top of it and our sleeping bags. It was too warm to need them to sleep inside, but we had a thin blanket that was about perfect. Continue reading “I Have Been in the Sierras”

An Apartment That My Son Picked out

I wanted my son to be happy with where ever we ended up living, so I told him I wanted him to be a major part of the decision process. He was 15 at the time, and I knew that he would be spending more time at whichever complex we moved into than I would. I was working a lot of overtime then, and all he had was school five days a week. That also factored into which apartments for rent in Edina that we looked at. We both knew that he did not want to change school districts, and I can’t say that I blame him for that.

We looked at all the ones in the school district that he has been in for the last four years, and there was an impressive amount. Continue reading “An Apartment That My Son Picked out”

I Have a New Government Job

We got here in the middle of the night, expecting that at seven in the morning the manager of the apartment complex would meet us there and give us the key to our new place. I have a new job and I had to find apartments in Jackson Mississippi. Obviously we were tired after driving through the night. The moving van got there just before the sun rose and I asked the movers if they had eaten yet, because one of us was going to go get biscuits. At any rate we end up having to look for a new apartment. I got back with the biscuits and we were sitting on the hood of the car eating when the building manager told us that they had not been able to get rid of the previous tenant. In fact I knew that this can be a problem. You would think that if you do not pay your rent or even if your lease simply ends, then the landlord can simply throw you out any time that he likes. Continue reading “I Have a New Government Job”

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Winners of the Catch Fitness 20 Week Competition



Female: Christina Clarkson – Trainer: Bronwyn Adams-Hooper.

In the final 6 weeks of the competition Christina drove 45 km several times a week to go swimming as part of our swim 40km before the end of the challenge challenge!  Christina also did the physiomed tri series as part of one of the challenges and WON her age group section and placed 10th overall! It was the FIRST EVENT she had ever taken part in. She was also 4 weeks post knee surgery when she started the 20 week comp.  Christina also won the Macpac Sprint to The Finish competition.

Male: Dave Race – Trainer: Cate Grace

As a result of his consistent three training sessions a week Dave had a 14% increase in the results of his treadmill test, a36% increase in step test, a16% increase in the ladder test and a  whopping 205% increase in skipping test. Dave also dropped 6.1 kg in bodyfat and  put on 3.2kg in muscle.  His Doctor now says he is so fit and healthy he doesn’t need to be referred on to sleep clinic! Go Dave.

Special Mention for doing so well was also made of Jackie Soper – Trainer: Di Lauder seen here holding her drink bottle in Hamner Springs as part of the Macpac competition.


Leanne Hobbs – Trainer: Di Lauder

Leanne’s strength improvements included  40% on her  tricep dips, 87% on her full press ups, 54%  on her chest press and 56% in her seated cable row.

Leanne’s upper body posture and flexibility improved dramatically and as such Leanne safely stacked on on 1.6kg in muscle mass and lost over 4kg in body fat.

Her trainer Di tells us Leanne has what it takes to go on to train for a body sculpting competition in 2011. As an added plus her sleep has improved by 32% sleeping another 85min average per night along with improved sleep quality which has gone from ‘restless’ to ‘deep’.  Sounds dreamy and Leanne’s cardio testings all moved into the ‘elite and excellent’ range. She now has a resting heart rate of just 51BPM, 18% better than what it was at the start.

Good stuff Leanne, we wish you all the best with your future goals and look forward to seeing you on stage.

In 2011 this category will be sponsored by Hardy’s Palmerston North


Ben Ross – Trainer: Kyle Chapman

Getting a 6 pack  means losing the bodyfat which covers them which often means lots of hard work and  Ben must have done that – losing 6mm of body fat from his abdominal region and increasing his prone hold time from 2 min 15 sec to 3 minutes 20 seconds. Good work Ben.

Pip Graham – Trainer: Bronwyn Adams-Hooper

Huge congrats to Pip who increased her prone holds time by 223% i.e. she can now hold one for just over 3 minutes!  Plus, shes’ also lost 8.1 kg in bodyfat while putting on a nice 800g of muscle.

We’d be interested to hear how long they can hold their prone hold for at thh end of the next series!


Congratulations to Liz Fraser – Trainer: Tracey Butler , who can now touch her toes having achieved a 25cm increase in her flexibility over the 20 Weeks.


Male: Riwai Grace – Trainer: Cate Grace

Female: Karen Byrne – Trainer: Robyn Perkins

Both winners achieved all round good strength gains.  Karen went from only being able to do 20 pushups on her knees to doing 24 on her toes and Riwai just made great all round improvements, often while wearing a tutu!


Amanda Collins – Trainer: Lisa Lilley

In Amanda’s own words – “Wow doesn’t 20 weeks just fly by. To start with I had watched my good friend go through the 20 week challenge at the beginning of the year and I though WOW well done you, you have done a fantastic job and worked really hard but never did I think that I would ever attempt it. 20 weeks later and I am amazed at what I have achieved. It all started when the same good friend took me to a kickfit session with her personal trainer, I thought that I would just go along every week for a bit of fitness but after we talked about it and 2 of my friends decided to give it ago I thought all right why not. I am always up for a challenge so I decided that I would pick one of the harder categories – most likely to go professional. This challenge has got me up at 5.30am most mornings training at the gym plus on top of that session with our fantastic PT Lisa Lilley as well as little extra sessions here and there. It has been an amazing journey even with an earthquake thrown in to see how we would cope!!! I have noticed big differences in my strength and body shape which I haven’t seen in around 10 years I have also grown to love exercising again which I haven’t done so in a long time. It has also strengthened my relationships with my two good friends who I have been doing it with which is great because we have been there every step of the way supporting and encouraging each other until the end. Lastly I would like to thank our PT Lisa Lilley for all of the hard work and time she has put into seeing us through this 20 weeks!” – Amanda

Special mention was also made of Lisa Roberts and Leanne Hobbs with encouragement for both of them to enter this category again.


Jude Burnside – Trainer: Tracey Butler

Over the 20 Weeks Jude competed in her first ever triathlon – the physiomed series and came 9th in her division, she went climbing for the first time, and started her own business in the midst of it all.  She is a 2nd time entrant who signed up again because she said the structure and support would ensure she reached her goals, in her own words..

My 20 Week Journey: By Jude Burnside

“I started this challenge eight kilograms heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight, injured with a stress fracture and flat out preparing for the launch of my new web business. With the new business, a baby, teenage daughter, and husband who was travelling out of town each day for work, it was very tempting to think that I didn’t have time to fit in another challenge. In actual fact my lack of time was the very reason I signed up again. I knew the challenge would provide the structure and support I needed to help me stay focused on my health and fitness goals – to get fit and lose those darn eight kgs!”  Go Jude – who actually ending up losing 9.3kg .

Donna McLachlan – trained by Kevin Yee

Alexa Campbell – trained by Bronwyn Adams Hooper

Sarah Smith – trained by Cate Grace

In 2011 this category is being sponsored by Pure Health & Wellbeing


Jontelle Buckingham – Trainer: Lisa Lilley. “This girls’s determination and inner strength is second to none! Her goal to lose 20kgs and 100cms in 20 weeks was a big ask and it takes consistent hard work and a lot of discipline to achieve that. She did it!!! 20.45kgs and 102.6cms. With  a family history of heart disease and type II diabetes she has made the lifesaving decision to do everything she can to prevent this happening to her and inspire family members to make changes in their lifestyles. Not only she has she lost weight but she has already reduced her cholesterol from 6 to 5.1 by implementing healthier eating choices and being more active. She  cycles to and from work each day, aqua jogs, participates as a team member in triathlons, plays netball and enjoys getting out for walks with her friends and goes to box and kickfit.  She always brings a smile and a laugh to the group and  makes training fun, people feed of that positive energy and so it creates a great training atmosphere. SUCCESS all round” Thanks Lisa for this great summary about Jontelle efforts.

Finalists in this category included

Kathy Perrin – trainer by Desra Barron

Jude Burnside – trained by Tracey Butler

Michelle Gregorious – trained by Rachel Marks

Lisa Roberts – trained by Lisa Lilley

Pam Meeks – trained by Bronwyn Adams-Hooper

Amanda Collins – trainer by Lisa Lilley

Meegan Fraser – trained by Elly McGuinness

Pip Graham – trained by Bronwyn Adams-Hooper

Stephanie Cullen – trained by Bronwyn Adams-Hooper

Claire Thomas – Richard McKinlay

Becky Ladbrook – Richard McKinlay

Mel Opie – trained by Di Lauder

Nicola Leech – Robyn Perkins

In 2011, we welcome on board Horleys as the sponsor of this category


Aimee Patchett – Trainer: Paul Todd

This was Aimee’s 2nd 20 Week Competition in one year. Through both series’ she has found it more difficult than most to lose weight due to genetic issues. Her trainer, Paul Todd stated in his report that she has kept a positive attitude even when she felt as though she had worked harder than her results showed. “Her dedication to her training and nutritional regime is unquestionable”. Aimee lost 6kg over the 20 weeks, in addition to the 7kg lost from the previous series and says she can’t remember ever been this healthy. A 265 pound plus bodyweight leg press for a 79kg female and a full bodyweight chin up are just two of the tests in which Aimee has shown an amazing strength. “People look at me and don’t realise how fit and strong I actually am”. Her dedication and results speak for themselves we think. Huge congrats Aimee.


Lianne Killick – Trainer: Di Lauder

Lianne has succeeded against the odds. She concentrates on what she can do and not on what she can’t, a very hard ask for someone who has been very fit and has had it all suddenly disappear.  She takes time to stop and smell the roses and in between uses her energy wisely to train well, which is why she has succeeded.  We congratulate you on your positive attitude Lianne, on overcoming your frustrations and lack of confidence.  Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.


Dave Race – Trainer: Cate Grace

Kathryn Stirrup – Trainer: Bronwyn Adams-Hooper

Details about Dave can be found above under the Cardiovascular Award category above which he won and details about Kathryn are below under the Overall Entrant Award, which she also won.


Christina Clarkson – Trainer: Bronwyn Adams-Hooper

Towards the end of the competition we through out a pretty hard challenge which amongst other things required entrants to keep dietary recalls and train 5 days a week.  Only 10 people managed to achieve it and Christina won it!


New for 2010 we gave this Award (which by the way Jamie knows nothing about !) out to Bronwyn Bentley – trained by Rachel Marks for doing such a fab job on spreading the good word when it came to health and fitness.  Not only did she lose almost 7 kg herself Bronwyn was the driving force behind the whole RNZOC (some 100 people)entering the 10,000 steps challenge.


Kathryn Stirrup – Trainer: Bronwyn Adams-Hooper

“Well here I am, grey, fat and nearly sixty…need a pair of shoelaces tying…no chance….aAt a 150kg I am making my own clothes and a real age test put me at 10years older than what  Iam actually”

20 Weeks on Kathryn is over 13kgs lighter with a 15 cm smaller waist measurement.  ”This is the first time I can remember touching my toes” says Kathy having increased her sit and reach flexibility by 25 cm!

“Exercise was something I never did…my real age is now 61.1 years only 15 months older than what I actually am, better than the 10 yr difference at the beginning of this competition”.


Kathy Perrin – Trainer: Desra Barron

Each series we now award the yellow dancer trophy.  The winner gets to  use the dancer for 20 weeks!  Congratulations Kathy on all your fantastic efforts over the years.  In particular we love your photos this series showing yet again, just how wonderful your efforts are!  All the very best in the Speights Coast-Coast.  Hope you can some enjoyment from the dancer or maybe your son will.



Becky Ladbrook – Trained by Richard McKinlay

Becky lost 15kg and a staggering 13% body fat whilst also doubling her bench press and leg press reps. Fabulous Effort

Claire Thomas – trained by Richard McKinlay

This girl literally had to be stopped after doing a wall sit for over 30.11 minutes, an amazing increase from her 4.20 min time at the start of the competition and sounds like she could have just kept on going!!

SPECIAL MENTIONS went out to all these people due to their unique struggles, situations and achievements.

Joelle Gregorious – trained by Rachel Marks

Kathy Perrin – trained by Desra Barron

Mel Opie – trained by Di Lauder

Debbie Lee Elliston – trained by Tracey Butler

The Norris Family – trained by Cate Grace

Bridget Murray – trained by Robyn Perkins

Alexa Campbell – trained by Bronwyn Admas Hooper

Nicola Leech – trained by Robyn Perkins

Janeen Sexton – trained by Kyle Chapman

Jeanette Gregan – trained by Toni Adams

Marg Wilcox – trained by Desra Barron

Sophie Dempsey – trained by Tracey Butler

Tarelle Jeffreys – trained by Cate Grace

It has been an amazing opportunity for us to read all your stories and to be honest, everyone deserved a special mention.

We wish you all the best with the next part of your journey.

Love Broni and all the crew at Catch Fitness.

P.S. Check out these great changes of Liz Frizzell – trained by Bronwyn Adams Hooper.  Liz is like so many others who  achieved a lot and while she didn’t win an award we think she’d still say she ‘won’.

P.P.S – we have a few competitions and giveaways happening in the lead up to the next competition.  Check back to the ‘Specials’ page or join us on Facebook to keep up to date.

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